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Hilah Zia as part of the MPA Alumni Spotlight.

Hilah Zia
Financial Research Administrator, Georgetown University
Graduation Year: 2013

How has your MPA degree contributed to your professional career?
If it wasn’t for the MPA faculty and staff that support the program, I wouldn’t be in the position I am now. The program’s faculty has a combined track record of accomplishments and passion for student success. Not only was my faculty advisor supporting me, but the entire department helped guide me towards the finish line, a career in my dream city. The program’s internship requirement pushed me the most. I spent several months (roughly seven) researching and applying for internships in DC, even those I didn’t think I would be considered for. Don’t get discouraged, because it wasn’t until the last moment that I received notice of my internship with the Smithsonian. The quality of my work enabled them to contact me for a position following graduation, and I’ve been very happy.

What advice would you give to incoming students or students thinking about coming to WVU Master of Public Administration program?
If you are truly honest about your passion for public service, WVU’s MPA program is the platform that will get you to the next level. With core classes that will provide you the basic knowledge and skills for any career and guided support for your elective courses towards a specialized field, you’ll have what it takes to get you on the way to your dream job. Don’t get me wrong, a degree won’t be the only factor. Active participation in community and campus organizations, knowledge based experience, and a public administration internship will make a difference.

What makes you most proud of being a WVU MPA graduate?
There is a sense of pride and accomplishment to meet professionals from DC area graduate programs and let them know I’m from West Virginia. It just goes to show that a strong faculty, inspiring education, and dedication to learning outside of the classroom is all you need.

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