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Vontrice White
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, University of Georgia Institute for Disaster Management
Graduation Year: 2013

How has the MPA degree contributed to your professional career?
Having an MPA lets organizations as well as supervisors know that you are capable of thinking outside of the box, and making inferences regarding different situations. It also gives them a picture of your leadership, and group work capabilities. Many opportunities have been presented to me just from being in possession of this degree.

What advice would you give to incoming students or students thinking about coming to WVU Master of Public Administration program?
I would tell incoming students to make sure they take advantage of any educational opportunities offered within the program. You never know who you will meet by taking advantage of many things you are allowed to be apart of. One of my biggest mistakes was not being more involved. If they have luncheons or different functions outside of class, make sure you attend. Events like these will give you the opportunity to get to know your colleagues and professors on a more personal level.

What makes you most proud of being a MPA Mountaineer?
I am proud to be a MPA Mountaineer because I learned life lessons from a few professors that changed my perspectives on personal situations. The environment was focused on academic success, but I was able to take away many tools that would help in everyday life.

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