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Faculty & Staff

The Department of Public Administration has a distinguished faculty from a variety of backgrounds. Several of our faculty members have won awards for their outstanding achievements in teaching, research, or public service.

Students in the Master of Public Administration program will normally work with all members of our core MPA faculty, mostly through required coursework. In addition, there may be opportunities to work with faculty from other programs, or adjunct faculty who are well known from the profession of Public Administration.

Please take a look through our faculty and staff pages so that you may get to know the people that make up our department. Feel free to contact any of our faculty and staff with questions, interests, etc.

Legal Studies


M. Raymond Alvarez, DHA
Kenneth Bannon, JD
Irving Condon, JD
Michelle Mensore Condon, JD
Julie Hawkinberry, JD
Cheryl Johnson-Lyons, JD
The Hon. Patricia A. Keller, JD
John C. Kilwein, Ph.D.
Gregory Noone, JD, Ph.D.
Ted R. Nordstrom, JD
Thomas O. Patrick, JD
Lucinda A. Potter, MA
Hollee Temple, JD
Leslie E. Tower, Ph.D.
Roger A. Wolfe, JD


Deborah Koon-Friel
Faculty Resources
Human Resources
Eberly Strategic Plan
A State of Minds
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