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Healthcare Administration Course Descriptions

The codes following the course title indicate credit hours and pre-requisites (PR). All courses carry the prefix “PUBA” meaning “Public Administration.”

670 Health Systems. 3 hr. Graduate level introduction to the development, structure, and current issues in the healthcare in the United States including health promotion, disease prevention, epidemiology, delivery and utilization of health services, financing, policy, regulation and ethical concerns.

671 Healthcare Organization and Operations. 3 hr. PR: PUBA 670 or concurrent with CHPR 635. Examines the organization and management of healthcare settings including system influences, leadership, communication, organization behavior, team development, organization design, evaluation, productivity, performance improvement.

672 Healthcare Finance. 3 hr. PR: PUBA 670, CHPR 635. Examines financing of healthcare, financial management concepts, insurance mechanisms, reimbursement, cost accounting, budgeting and staffing for healthcare organizations, including integrated networks and managed care. The course focuses on concepts needed by first line and mid-level managers.

673 Alternative Healthcare Delivery Systems. 1 hr. PR: PUBA 670 or concurrent. Examines the key management issues in a variety of nontraditional settings, such as but not limited to, birthing centers, physician practice management, PATCH. Settings chosen will be determined from current developing areas in healthcare.

674 Rural Healthcare. 1 hr. PR: PUBA 670 or CHPR 635. Provides an overview of the issues affecting healthcare in rural settings, the health status of rural populations, and initiatives to provide improved access and address issues in service delivery and administration of rural healthcare settings.

675 Organization Performance Improvement. 1 hr. Introduces tools used to measure and improve organizational performance. The focus is on healthcare organizations, with general application to public management. Techniques of Total Quality Management and continuous quality improvement are covered.

678 Population Health Management. 1 hr. PR: PUBA 670 or concurrent. Examines concepts of population health, related epidemiological issues, and managerial uses of epidemiology and population management approaches to managing health of populations.

715 Organization Development/Change Management, 3 hr. Examines organization development and change management applied to public agencies. Explores basic organization development skills, and techniques for effective change management.

716 Creativity and Innovation, 1 hr. Examines knowledge about creativity and innovation in public organizations. Explores approaches to increasing creativity for individuals and groups. Reviews organization structure and processes as they relate to creativity.

717 Performance Management, 2 hr. Examines the principles of performance management in public organizations. Explores a variety of performance management models and practices with emphasis on service delivery to improve organizations.

770 Managed Care. 1 hr. PR: PUBA 670 or concurrent. Examines the key management issues in the managed care environment. General organization of managed care entities, key management control issues, financing and reimbursement mechanisms and trends in managed care will be covered.

772 Integrated Health Systems. 1 hr. PR: PUBA 670 or concurrent. Examines the organization and management of integrated delivery systems in healthcare including models of integration, leadership, financing, and management principles.

773 Policy Issues in Women’s Health. 1 hr. PR: PUBA 670 or Consent. Provides an overview of women’s healthcare issues involving the interaction of medical and social systems.

774 Healthcare Law and Ethics. 1 hr. PR: PUBA 670 or concurrent. Explores legal and ethical issues in the healthcare setting for Administrative and Medical Managers.

775 Healthcare Policy. 1 hr. PR: PUBA 670 or concurrent. Provides an introduction to policy issues in healthcare including state and federal roles in healthcare, the policy process and various healthcare policy. Explores values and American political processes as they influence health policy.

776 Healthcare Planning/Marketing. 1 hr. PR: PUBA 670. Examines planning and marketing for healthcare settings. Includes strategic planning. Serves to introduce key issues for administrators.

777 Healthcare Information Systems. 1 hr. PR: PUBA 670 or concurrent. Provides an overview of major issues influencing healthcare information systems, categories of healthcare information technology, and legal, ethical, human resource, and management system issues.

779 Special Topics in Healthcare. 1-6 hr. PR: PUBA 670. Focuses on those subjects of most topical concern in healthcare administration.

780 Healthcare Administration Practicum. 3 hr. Student will develop a field experience or scholarly research project applying and extending knowledge gained across the healthcare administration course work and serve as the capstone experience.

795 Independent Study. 1-6 hr. PR: Consent. Faculty-Supervised study of topics not available through regular course offerings.

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