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Student Organizations

Student Association of Public Administrators (SAPA)
The Student Association of Public Administrators (SAPA) is a student organization which engages in academic, service, professional, recreational and social activities. All MPA students are eligible members of SAPA. Students elect officers and also select a representative who participates in faculty meetings.

Please check your mailboxes and the bulletin boards for announcements on SAPA activities. SAPA engages in some fund raising to support service and social activities. For example, there are various snacks, candies, soft drinks, water, and crackers sold in the Public Administration office (209 Knapp Hall) with the proceeds going to SAPA and ACHE activities. These items are located on the bookshelf and in the refrigerator in the Department office.

The current president of SAPA is Jessica Fowler, and the Faculty Advisor is Dr. Karen Kunz.

Visit SAPA’s website.

Pi Alpha Alpha
Pi Alpha Alpha is the national Public Administration honor society. The West Virginia University chapter has a president and officers from MPA alumni and students. The purpose of the society is to encourage and recognize outstanding student achievement in public affairs and administration. To qualify for membership, an MPA student must have completed at least 50% of the course requirements and be in the upper twenty percent of the MPA class. Students are nominated in a selection process managed by the faculty advisor. Eligible students who receive a letter of nomination may elect to join the honor society (the cost of the minimal membership fee is covered by the Department of Public Administration).

The Faculty Advisor for Pi Alpha Alpha is Dr. Margaret Stout.

Student Association of Health Management
Student Association of Health Management is a multidisciplinary student group. Any graduate student in a management track for health care administration is welcome. This includes Public Health, Pharmacy Administration, Nursing Administration and of course Public Administration. Any focus or specialization is acceptable: Hospital Administration, Physician Practice Management, Long Term Care, Pharmacy Management. The most recent focus has been career development. Service activities are planned with SAPA and proceeds from sales are split accordingly.

The current President of SAHM is Jordan Glass.

The Faculty Advisor for SAHM is Dr. Nancy.Adams.

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