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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not very technologically savvy. Will I receive any help?

The MLS program utilizes the WVU eCampus system, which is very user friendly. Our administrators and instructors are happy to help students navigate the system, especially for new users.

The WVU Office of Information Technology also maintains a Help Desk with a toll-free number to assist students and faculty with any problems of this nature.

If I take two classes per semester, will I get overwhelmed?

The structure of the MLS program provides that students should take two classes per semester in order to remain in sync with their cohort. However, the courses are structured to give students freedom to take more or less classes each semester.

How long does the MLS program take to complete?

Generally, if a student is admitted to a regular cohort and follows the prescribed schedule, then the student should graduate in six semesters (including summers). This works out to be two calendar years (a cohort that begins in January of one year will graduate in December of the following year).

I have a full-time job and I haven’t been to school in years. Will I fit in the program?

The MLS program is designed to accommodate mid-career professionals with full-time employment.

The vast majority of our students are now pursuing productive careers. Courses are offered online and, while they do require dedication and time on the part of the student, they do not have set meeting times.

Our administrators and instructors are well aware of the makeup of the MLS student body and try to be as helpful as possible to students.

Will I be eligible for financial aid? As regular graduate students at WVU, MLS students are eligible to receive financial aid benefits if they meet qualifications in this area. Contact the WVU Office of Financial Aid at (304) 293-1988, or visit their website at

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