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Program Requirements

The Master of Legal Studies program requires 36 credit hours of coursework. 21 credits are obtained through required courses, and the other 15 credits are obtained through electives. There is no thesis requirement, but students will produce a major research paper as part of the capstone course.

All legal studies classes are three credit hours. Courses are offered two per semester in sequential eight-week sessions during the fall and spring terms. In the summer semester, two courses are offered in sequential six-week sessions. Required courses are offered once each academic year. Elective courses alternate every other year. All courses are offered online.

Learn more about the MLS program in the Graduate Catalog 

Independent Study

Students may pursue elective credit through an independent study. Students will determine a course of study between themselves, a faculty member and their academic advisor, which must be approved by a contract. Students enroll in LEGS 695: Independent Study, a three-credit course. Any student interested in independent study must obtain the approval of the director of legal studies no later than mid-semester of the term before the independent study is to begin. 

Independent Study Contract