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It is an exciting time in the Department of Public Administration. Every day students and faculty are creating a positive impact through public service.

Through experiential learning activities, our faculty and students are promoting community development in West Virginia and participating in a hack-a-thon to advance K-12 educational learning outcomes, or are exploring international food security issues in international policy simulation competition. Internship opportunities have expanded to include transformational student experiences at the White House, West Virginia State Legislature, and U.S. Department of Agriculture.  Public Administration faculty provide innovative policy perspectives on the implementation of healthcare reforms, securities regulation and energy and environmental issues.  

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree prepares individuals for a career in public service.  WVU's Department of Public Administration offers the only nationally accredited MPA program in West Virginia.  The MPA degree prepares individuals to work in government and nonprofit agencies to develop and implement public policies and programs.  The MPA program offers flexible class times, full and part-time enrollment, small class settings, and opportunities to work directly with community and government organizations through team-based class projects, the internship experience, professional development activities and community service.

Master of Legal Studies (MLS) program is part of the Department of Public Administration. The MLS is a degree program designed to build greater public understanding of the law and the United States legal system, to provide graduates with the ability to apply knowledge and skills gained to performing their jobs more effectively and to provide private and public organizations the benefit of enhanced experience. It is a graduate program of study designed for professionals practicing in areas such as human relations, criminal justice, juvenile justice, journalism, social work, court administration, national security, probation and law enforcement, or regulatory agencies. It is neither a law degree nor a paralegal program.