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Alternatives for Post-Apocalyptic Governance? - A new ending to the WVU Campus Read

Alternatives for Post-Apocalyptic Governance?

The Department of Public Administration faculty and graduate students challenge you to imagine a new ending for this year’s Campus Read, Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel. Submissions of up to 1,500 words are due March 18. As the book draws to a close, a glow on the horizon at dusk suggests the possibility of city lights. Because the traveling performers have encountered little more than subsistence in the communities along their route from the north, this possibility entices them southward into new territory.

Considering the authoritarian, anarchic, and rudimentary community governments depicted in the book, what type of governance has emerged where they have managed to light up the city?

Write your own ending to the story. Up to six will be chosen to present at the event (five-minute limit) with discussion responses from scholar panelists. $100 gift cards will be awarded to:

  • The Panelists’ Choice for Most Probable

  • The Panelists’ Choice for Most Creative

  • The People’s Choice (live voting)

The event will be held April 11 from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. in the Mountainlair Shenandoah Room.

Our panelists are:

  • Margaret Stout, Moderator, Department of Public Administration

  • Jeannine Love, Roosevelt University Department of Political Science and Public Administration

  • Chris Plein, Department of Public Administration

  • Philip Michelbach, Department of Political Science

Include your name, degree program, and contact information and submit to Debbie Koon-Friel at

Hosted by the Department of Public Administration and the Student Association of Public Administration.