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Graduation Rates

The Department of Public Administration reported to the NASPAA Annual Report that indicated MPA students who started the program in Fall 2012 had a graduation rate of 97%.  Within this information, 65% graduated within 2 years, 91% graduated within 3 years and 97% graduated within 4 years.  Students graduating within 3-4 years include part-time students and students enrolled in dual degrees.  

Career Pathways

Many MPA graduates find employment upon graduation in various fields.  The diversity of careers within Public Administration has changed over the years.  The data below shows the variety of employment fields for students who graduated from WVU Public Administration in 2016-2017.

Federal government: 7%    
State government: 23%    
City, county, or other local government: 4%    
Nonprofit organizations: 19%    
Private sector: 12%    
Seeking further education: 4%   
Unemployed/Not seeking employment: 19%    
Status Unknown: 12%

This data is available in the 2017-2018 NASPAA annual report.

MPA graduates serve in positions of responsibility in local, state and federal government and nonprofit sector in the U.S. and other countries.

Recent MPA graduates work in the following positions and organizations:


• City and county management                    • Nonprofit management
• Community and economic development    • Policy and budget analysis
• Healthcare administration                          • Public sector consulting
• Law enforcement                                       • University administration
• Legislative analysis 


• Federal Bureau of Investigations                • Pennsylvania Legislature
• Government Accountability Office               • UMass Memorial Medical Center
• Mylan Pharmaceuticals                               • United Bank
• NCAA                                                           • West Virginia Office of the Governor
Career resources

The faculty and staff of the Department of Public Administration work closely with graduate students to explore career options, internship placements, post-graduate fellowships and other professional development activities.

There are several online resources that provide information about public service jobs, networking opportunities, and professional development activities: