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Student Resources


The Department of Public Administration publishes a MPA Student Handbook annually.  Students can obtain a pdf version by clicking on the academic year that you entered the MPA program.  

2021-2022 MPA Student Handbook

2022-2023 MPA Student Handbook

2023-2024 MPA Student Handbook


The Department of Public Administration supports a very limited number of students through graduate assistantships.  On occasion, fellowships and research assistantships are available.  The Master of Public Administration (MPA)  students are usually very competitive for service, teaching, and research Graduate Assistantships with other divisions of the university.   Students can apply for Departmental and other Graduate Assistantship positions throughout WVU.  Additional information on Graduate Assistantship positions and how to apply can be found here.


The Department of Public Administration provides about 75 to 100 credit hours of meritorious tuition waivers annually.  Students may apply for a meritorious tuition waiver each semester.  Each semester an email is sent to the current MPA students informing them of the Meritorious Tuition waiver request, necessary forms, and deadlines.  The requested items are submitted to Debbie Koon-Friel by the deadline noted.  The Department notifies students if they have been awarded a tuition waiver and the number of credit hours.


The Financial Aid Office at WVU will work with students to find funding opportunities.  For more information go to the financial aid website.


The Department of Public Administration has established and with the Student Association of Public Administration (SAPA) jointly administer the “MPA Student Enrichment Fund” (the Fund) as a distinct and separate charitable fund within the Foundation.  The monies donated and accruing to the Fund are to be used for the support of Masters of Public Administration (MPA) student endeavors. The purpose of the Fund is to enhance the education and professionalization of MPA students in the direction of service to the public.  Monies within the Fund may be expended for the following:

  1. Scholarships based on merit, taking need into account, with awarded sums reimbursing costs incurred for some or all of: tuition and fees; books, materials and equipment; and living stipend;
  2. Expenses related to attending an academic or professional conference, workshop or activity;
  3. Participation in Department- or School-sponsored research projects; and
  4. Other expenses consistent with the dual purpose of enriching the MPA program and supporting MPA students.

The Department will notify students at the beginning of each semester of the availability of funding.  Application for funding to support travel, research or other activities should be made at least one month in advance of the event to allow sufficient time for the decision to be made and efficient implementation to occur.  The application may take the form of a letter or memorandum and must be in writing.  It must state the amount of funding requested and include details or give detailed estimates of expected expenses.  It should state the type of expense of travel, daily room charges and per diem information.  Further, the applicant must affirm in writing that they have read and understand and will abide by this policy. Dr. Karen Kunz is the Department Contact for the MPA Student Enrichment Fund.

 For complete guidelines on the MPA Student Enrichment Fund please see page 24 in the WVU Public Administration Student Handbook 2019-2020.


WVU has a tuition cost calculator that can help students estimate the cost of attending graduate school.  For more information go to the website.